What is bux180?

With bux180, you can shop online from over 1,500 stores (places you’re probably shop at already, like Kohl’s Target, Groupon) and you’ll have access to money-saving offers while receiving cash (bux) back on everything you buy.

In addition, a percentage of what you spend will be donated to your non profit. And you can even shop at Amazon through the bux180 website, and your non profit will receive a donation of up to 2% of your purchase.

It’s automatic, so you don’t even need to think about it.

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How do I join bux180?

bux180 is by invitation only. We partner with non profit organizations who provide a membership to their supporters.  

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What are bux?

“bux” are what we call the cash back that we give you for shopping through bux180. One “bux” is equal to $1.00 US.

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How do I guarantee I earn my bux back?

  • You MUST go to your favorite stores by clicking links on If you do not click through one of our links, we can not track that you actually made the purchase.
  • If you click a link to go to a store or product on, then leave that store’s page and return, your purchase will NOT be tracked.
  • You need to click one of our links then make a purchase on that site, without leaving it, in order to get bux back.
  • Enable cookies while shopping. The stores need to track who you are in order to award you bux back.
  • If you check out, and decide you would like to buy something else, click the link to go back to that store, even if you haven’t left the store's web page.

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Where does the money come from to pay bux to me and the non profit?

When you shop through bux180 at one of our retail partners, we are paid a referral fee. We direct most of this referral fee to you and a percentage in the form of a donation to your selected cause.

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If I return or cancel an order, what happens?

If you cancel or return an order that you earned bux on, we will be notified from that store and will reverse any bux you received from that purchase. 

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How does the tracking work?

Once you click a link on, we save a tracking number in our system, and send the same tracking number to the store that you visited. If you make a purchase, the tracking number is saved in the purchase details, and the dollar amount, date, and order number along with the tracking number are sent back to bux180. We then can match your tracking number to the purchase you made and award you the bux that you have earned.

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What is the difference between bux pending, bux available, and bux earned?

bux Pending Shows your online purchases, typically displaying within 7 days of purchase. However, the money has not yet been received by bux180 from the online store(s).

Once bux180 receives the money, it will automatically move it into the BUX AVAILABLE column. (This can take up to 90 days depending on the store.)

bux Available is when bux180 has received the commission from your purchase and has deposited the appropriate bux into your account.

If BUX AVAILABLE reaches $25, then you will be paid at the end of that month.bux180 pays our members on a monthly basis. (Go to Payment Method section for details)

bux Earned is a history of all the payments you have received from bux180

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How often can I get paid?

bux180 pays our members on a monthly basis. If your "bux available" reaches $25, you will be paid at the end of that month.

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How do I get paid?

bux180 pays our members through paypal. Simply click the edit button and enter your paypal email address. 

  Every time you earn $25 or more, why not donate a portion or all of your bux to your non profit?
What a great way to support your non profit  without having to write a check.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Back to top

How long does it take for bux to show in my account?

Online purchases typically display within 7 days of purchase. However, some stores do not verify your purchase until their 30 day return policy has passed, meaning you may not see your BUX PENDING for up to 30 days.

If it takes longer than 35 days, you may contact us using by clicking here

Once bux180 receives the money, it will automatically move it into the BUX AVAILABLE column. This can take up to 90 days depending on the store. Some stores only pay out quarterly, which is why there may be a 90 day delay.

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How do I change my personal information?

You can change your personal information in My profile click here.

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Where can I view my recent clicks to stores?

You can always view your clicks from bux180 to stores from the click History page,click here. Remember, this will only track clicks you make directly from

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Where do I go to tell my friends about bux180?

You can tell your friends about bux180from the tell your friends page, click here.

Sharing is easy!

You can enter your friend's names and email addresses and the system will generate an email telling them about the savings they too can enjoy, from bux180.

And you can share using social media too!

You will earn $5 in bux for telling your friends, when they sign up and they earn $25 in bux from their purchases.

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Where can I see the friends that I have referred to bux180?

You can see your referred friends from the My Friends page,click here.

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How can I share bux180 with my friends?

Its easy, go to the Tell Your Friends page, click here. You can share your unique referral link (automatically generated for you through the system) through emails, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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What do I get for telling my friends?

When you tell your friends and they sign up by clicking on your referral link, you earn $5 in bux when they sign up and they earn $25 in bux from their purchases.

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What do my friends have to do to meet the tell a friend requirements?

Your referred friends need to earn $25 in bux within 365 days after they sign up. As soon as they do, you receive your $5 in bux!

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How can I view my friends who have signed up?

You can go to the My Friends page, click here to view your friends who have signed up through your referral links.

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What is bux180’s Privacy Policy?

We take your privacy very seriously and take many measures to assure it. You can read our entire privacy policy here and our terms here.

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How secure is my personal information?

On all pages containing any personal information about our members using an encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection to ensure that their information is safe.

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Will bux180 sell information about me or my shopping habits?

No. See our privacy policy for more information.

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Who can see my personal information?

  • Only bux180 and the nonprofit organization who provided your membership will have access to your name and email address, The nonprofit organization who provided your membership will not have access to view any spending or bux information.

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Can bux180 see my credit card information?

No. Once you leave, by clicking on one of our links, we only track the what store(s) you visit. This is so we can reconcile with that store that you went there through bux180 and made a purchase. bux180 does not obtain any payment information from the store, but does get the total dollar amount that you spent in that store, to display to you, as well as to calculate bux back to you.

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Will I receive any emails or spam if I join?

  • bux180 sends out a weekly email containing great deals and specials. We may also periodically send you other emails telling you about holiday specific specials or blowouts. You can easily opt out of these emails by clicking on the unsubscribe link on the bottom of the email.

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What data does bux180 collect and why?

  • bux180 collects your name, email address, and zipcode when you register as a member.
  • bux180 also collects shopping data but DOES NOT share this data with anyone else. We collect this data strictly to provide our members with the bux back they earn when making purchases with our merchant partners.  We also aim to provide deals and promotions that would be more relevant to a member’s particular shopping habits.

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Your privacy with our stores, associates, and advertisers

  • bux180 records your shopping history, such as dollar amounts, dates or purchases, and order numbers, but we do not know what individual products you purchased. We only record the history mentioned to assure that we are providing you with accurate information to be displayed in your account page and that we can reconcile all the bux that you earned.
  • bux180 works with thousands of stores online and they may have different privacy policies than ours. We encourage you to read a privacy policy at a particular store before you shop there.

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